Seal Coating

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Seal Coating near Raleigh, NCIn addition to offering PDC rejuvenator as a sealant for asphalt, Carolina Pavement provides superior coal tar sealants for cost effective applications as well as Asphalt Based Sealer. The quality of seal coating services, like all pavement maintenance repairs varies greatly among contractors. While other contractors may take short cuts by applying a diluted product and only one coat of material, Carolina Pavement only applies seal coating material that meets or exceeds federal specifications and we always apply a minimum of two coats of material and recommend three coats to drive lanes and high traffic areas.

Why Seal Coating is Important

Asphalt is a very complex mixture of thousands of chemicals which are predominantly open chain (aliphatic) in structure with a considerable degree of un-saturation within their molecular structure. The open chain provides easy access to weather, salts, and chemicals to attack and disintegrate the asphaltic molecules that promote binding and waterproofing.

The first visual sign of deterioration is a progressive change in the color of asphalt pavement from rich black to brown to gray. Furthermore, asphalt, being a byproduct of the petroleum distillation process, is easily dissolved by other products that also are derived from petroleum, such as oils, fats, grease, mineral spirits etc. It is only through the petroleum refining process that they are separated for various uses. Because these individual products come from the same source, they try to join together when put in contact with each other. So when automotive oil or gasoline — both petroleum distillates — leak onto an asphalt pavement, they will work to easily dissolve the similar chemicals in asphalt. These problems are associated primarily with off-street pavements such as parking lots, low traffic streets, airport aprons or runways, service stations, and driveways.  Eventually all the asphalt binder is exhausted and the aggregates begin to unravel due to the absence of the binding cement. The rate of pavement deterioration depends upon the traffic volume as well as climatic conditions. Once the deterioration process begins, surfaces develop minor cracks which widen and deepen with time. If the cracks are not repaired at this stage, water seeps into the base courses and damages the pavement’s load bearing capacity. It is evidenced by rutting, shifting, and serious “alligator” cracking. The surface layers of off-road pavements are under continuous attack from the weather and other destructive elements. The pavement damage will continue if proper protective actions such as seal coating are not taken.

Notable Seal Coating Projects:

Blueridge Properties (Greensboro, NC), Wells Fargo Corporate (Raleigh, NC), CARQUEST Corporate (Raleigh, NC), Lifetime Fitness (Centerville, VA), Moore County Airport (Moore County, NC), Olive Garden (North Carolina, Virginia) Deep River Shopping Center (Greensboro, NC), Shoe Show Inc Charlotte, NC

Carolina Pavement Seal Coating Features

  • Aesthetically pleasing upon completion(adds curb appeal)
  • Inexpensive initial placement
  • Limited “downtime” (can typically reopen to traffic in as little as 24 hours)
  • Protects against UV rays and oxidation
  • Provides new wear surface
  • Protect against oils
  • Cost effective approach against future damage
  • Carries 1 year warranty