Crack Sealing

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Crack SealingAllow us to extend the life of your pavement by treating your existing cracks.  We specialize in Hot Pour Crack Sealing.  Crack Sealing is a vital part of pavement maintenance.  As asphalt pavements ages, it oxidizes and shrinks.  This causes random cracking throughout the pavement. Cracks lead to potholes. Properly sealing asphalt cracks as they appear can more than double the effective service life of the pavement.  Crack sealing is an inexpensive and routine maintenance treatment that will help delay roadway and parking lot deterioration by preventing water and moisture intrusion into the sub-base.

Notable Crack Sealing Projects:

Military Highway (Virginia), Alamance Regional Hospital (Burlington, NC), Riverstone Residential (Cary, Raleigh, Durham,) Riverwood Properties Atlanta, GA