Asphalt and Concrete Services

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Asphalt and Concrete Services

Asphalt Patching

To help eliminate and prevent any future damage or expenses we recommend full depth asphalt patching.  This procedure removes the material in the failed area, stabilizes existing sub base, and replaces it with fresh hot asphalt.  Areas that should be considered include but not limited to: “alligator “asphalt, slippage, pot holes, heaves or swells, rutting.

Asphalt overlays are suitable options for large areas of pavement that need to be attended to. We recommend all damaged areas be cut out and patch first. We perform asphalt overlays at 1 ½ in -2 in thickness compressed.  Meaning after new asphalt is rolled.  A careful crafted overlay parking will give the appearance of a brand new parking lot.

Concrete Services

We can assist with any concrete needs.  Our services include sidewalks, curbs/gutters, dumpster pads and other flat work.  We also suggest rebar or fiber mesh for heavy duty concrete that exceeds 4” concrete work.

Notable Asphalt and Concrete Services Projects:
The Pantry (North Carolina), Crescent Green Business Park (Cary, NC), La Quinta (Cary, NC), Carrboro Plaza (Chapel Hill, NC), Cary Auto Mall (Cary, NC), Coastal Federal Credit Union (Raleigh and Cary, NC)